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John and Terry travel and equip this end time generation to stand in this hour, make their lives count for the King and take their places to serve Him.

Terry is a Prophetic Psalmist who has been ministering in the Midwest of America for over twenty years. She is an ordained minister and the founder of In His Presence Ministries. She is known across the midwest as “Terry Jahner” and is much in demand. She has led worship for Jim Goll, Paul Keith Davis, Niegel Bigpond, Bobby Conners, Terry Bennett,  Mike and Cindy Jacobs and Gwen Shaw.  Her meetings are marked by a manifest presence of the glory. Terry is from North Dakota.

John is a Prophetic Preacher and Broadcaster.  Hailing from the United kingdom, John served as a Bible teacher at Rick Renner’s Teach All Nations Bible School in Latvia, travelled Russia and Europe with Arthur Katz and served as a tent evangelist in the UK and Europe. He began ministering in the US in in 1995,  Thru his weekly radio program called Christian Perspectives, John calls the Body of Christ to understand world events through a Biblical lens in these end days. He is an ordained minister, an experienced journalist and a documentary film maker.

John & Terry were married May 30th 2014. United to fight for the King in these end times and for his glory at a prophetic gathering in Hinckley MN. Between them they have six adult children and 13 grandchildren.
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Find out a bit more about how the Lord brought us together:


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